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Architectural Stone Concepts Architectural Stone Concepts Architectural Stone Concepts Architectural Stone Concepts Architectural Stone Concepts


As a local stone veneer company we work primarily within Maricopa County including, but not limited to Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert. 

The quality of our team and personal attention we offer by meeting with the clients to get a first-hand understanding is an experience that helps define and separate us from those who simply shoot for volume sales, numbers, profit. We believe our success will come naturally by offering the best quality and service in the industry.  We look at several things when we assist in the design of a project which are but not limited to the following:

  • What style of Architecture are you looking at enhancing?
  • What paint colors are you using?
  • What style and color roof tiles will be used?
  • What method of driveway approach will be used?
  • Landscape plan?
  • Value Engineering and Budget?

There is a lot of work that goes into a residential or commercial project. You want to get the most value out of every stone veneer project and not be disappointed in the end for using the wrong stone or the wrong anything. Many builders and homeowners have seen our workmanship after they decided to use a competitor and then regret having made such a decision; some customers have torn off our competitors work to have us re-install their project. With a strong background in Architecture, Building, and Masonry, Architectural Stone Concepts is one stop along the way of completing a project that should not be passed up. With a combined construction background in excess of 30 years, we’re confident that we can assist you in realizing and achieving maximum potential out of any project you are considering. 

The bottom line is that Architectural Stone is unique. We have our own process and way of doing things which results in unparalleled quality. Our service and attention to detail is why our company is the choice of many builders in the valley. 

Architectural Stone Concepts – Best value and quality, the most recognized stone mason and most used in Arizona. We clearly understand the stone industry and what it takes to remain a dominant industry leader in Arizona, even during an economic downturn.  Whatever the category you might be considering, Architectural Stone Concepts is the one to call. Our superior innovation and creativity continue to take us to a new level on a monthly basis. We’re confident you will discover Architectural Stone is above the rest and unparalleled in quality and service in the stone veneer business.


Architectural Stone Concepts, LLC originated in 2001 when John McFall, a Custom Homebuilder, saw the increasing trend in stone veneer and started a masonry company. His desire was to perfect the art, and though it took a few years to get it perfected, become the leader in the stone masonry industry. The desire to create a new kind of masonry company was well underway by 2005 and has been growing since, even during downturns in the economy.  The entrepreneurial spirit and desire to create a unique manufactured stone veneer business has catapulted Architectural Stone Concepts ahead of the competition exponentially.

Architectural Stone concepts, LLC started selling labor and material installations to custom home builders only in the beginning, but soon added new clients (i.e. Toll Brothers, Khovnanian, Forte, Columbia Communities, Monarch, just to name a few), production builders who requested their quality and service that is unmatched in the industry. Shortly thereafter, Architectural Stone Concepts, LLC began getting more and more requests from Builders and continues to grow!